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From October 2016 to August 2017, Milk was engaged to produce Facebook and Instagram advertisements for the Grosvenor Ambleside development. Our core objectives were: 

  • Conversions: Appointment registrations for condo viewings
  • Development Awareness: Creating interest in and knowledge of Grosvenor Ambleside
  • Gauging marketing interest: Conducting A/B testing to gauge targeted advertising effectiveness 

Over the course of the project, Milk  produced advertisements in eight phases, each with their own unique target demographics and execution strategies. This totalled 33 campaigns, 108 ad sets and 384 individual advertisements. Google Analytics suggests that based on the 190 conversions captured, Milk’s social media advertising was one of the highest performing channels, generating a 1.6% conversion rate compared to a 0.93% average. 

The campaign collected 1,134,731 impressions and 12,984 clicks. 


LODEN HOTEL and tableau bar & bistro

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Milk managed all social media marketing and influencer relations for the Loden Hotel and Tableau Bar & Bistro (an extension of the hotel), located in the heart of Downtown Vancouver. We created both organic and paid social content for day-to-day posting and larger campaigns. 

Target audiences were simultaneously similar and different when it came to social advertising and posting for the two brands. The Loden's content was primarily targeted towards high-income, out-of-towners looking to travel to Vancouver — whereas Tableau's audience was for high-income Vancouver locals looking for their next dining spot.

For the Loden in particular, we targeted “drive-in” markets to highlight the Loden’s free parking and valet service amenities. These focused advertisements generated an average 200% ROI through dedicated split testing and a comprehensive understanding of the target market. Each advertisement was modified to fit the voice and tone that would appeal to the different demographics.

We also assisted the Loden in their web development through incorporating keyword optimization in micro-sites within their website. We used search ranking factors to gather which keywords users were searching for along with “boutique hotels in Vancouver” and “hotel deals in Vancouver” to optimize search results for the hotel during certain campaign periods. 


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Milk worked with local restaurant Homer St. Cafe and Bar in both organic content and paid advertising. We found success in our brand awareness campaigns, generating an average 2.46% Click-Through Rate (13% higher than industry average). 

We launched one particular advertising campaign for their Happy Hour features. These ad sets targeted factors as specific as the location of the social user and were scheduled to only be shown on feeds a few hours before Happy Hour began. If the user fit our target demographic and were within walking distance of Homer St right before Happy Hour, they were shown the advertisement.

These advertisements reached an average CTR of 0.98% with 32,839 total impressions.