Case Study: IDS Vancouver 2016

Publicity efforts are focused on pre-coverage to drive attendance. Each year, Milk develops product pitches for over 100 designers, secures earned media featuring IDS Vancouver’s expert speakers, and leverages relationships with social media influencers to generate coverage of specific targeted events. In our six years as the agency of record for IDS Vancouver, Milk has expanded the IDS Vancouver name and reputation for design excellence from a local, to an international audience.

In 2016, Milk earned feature coverage of IDS Vancouver in top-tier Canadian publications and broadcast outlets including The Globe and Mail, Vancouver Sun, MONTECRISTO Magazine, VITA, Western Living Magazine, CTV Morning Live, Global TV, and the Globe Style Advisor. Features included a mix of expert interviews and product highlights, with all information, images and interviews coordinated by the Milk team. The Globe and Mail, Canada’s most influential national newspaper, dedicated the cover of the Style section and a full-page feature to IDS Vancouver, with images of 10 exhibitor products punctuated with 11 interviews. 

International features earned include coverage in on-target design-centered publications Dwell and Wallpaper.

In 2016, Milk also directed efforts to drive attendance for The Party on Opening Night (a ticketed 19+ event that launches IDS Vancouver). Through pitches to entertainment columnists and work with local social media influencers, media drops, earned coverage and sponsored posting, attendance at 2016’s The Party on Opening Night broke all records with over 5,600 guests.

Final results of the 2016 publicity campaign for IDS Vancouver include an impressions total of 31,445,840, 161 stories across online, print, social and broadcast media, and 88 per cent of all coverage including key messages. 

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