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For Expo Milano 2015, haute cuisine chef Massimo Bottura transformed dumpster-destined food into delicious and tasty meals for the patrons of a Milan soup kitchen. NFB-produced Theatre of Life documents the social experiment and provides powerful commentary on the environmental impacts of food waste. 

To promote the documentary, Milk was tasked with developing a campaign for NFB that earned coverage for the theatrical premiere of Theatre of Life in Vancouver. To do this, Milk partnered with local chefs who championed the same principal of minimizing food waste as promoted in the film. Each chef was tasked with creating a dish made entirely from food scraps for guests attending the Theatre of Life premiere to try. The sold-out premiere successfully secured a large scope of broadcast, print and online coverage that in turn helped generate ticket sales throughout the week long screening. 

Overall, the campaign generated impressions totalling 12,196,082 from 30 stories across online, TV, print, radio, and social media. 

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