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MILK has successfully launched five Earls locations, but the opening of Brentwood was the company’s first major Western Canadian launch since the pandemic.

At the same time, MILK was tasked with promoting the renovation of Earls Test Kitchen, opening within days of Brentwood.

Community was critical, so, in consultation with area businesses, MILK carefully curated a list of 300 people. We pitched individual journalists and editors on the merits of each location, and crafted tailored media lists — inviting area media for the Test Kitchen opening while reserving our larger list for Brentwood. Both delivered record attendance.

8,202,511 Overall Earned Media Impressions

Across traditional and social media.

8.2 earned media impressions. Can you also make this for Earls Brentwood? Unless we want overall impressions for all Earls openings we have done?

XX% higher than the goal of XX

Finally, in a CSR campaign conceptualized by MILK, Olympic donated yogurt to food banks during the busy holiday season, earning widespread media coverage.

300+ attendees at Earls Brentwood opening.

X opening sales record
at Brentwood.

2X the engagement rate of a typical campaign

(1.47% vs. 0.67% average)

Over 500 stories shared

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