Olympic Dairy

Olympic Dairy

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Olympic Dairy was looking to increase awareness in B.C. and Ontario for its organic products, with a specific focus on health and environmental benefits.

MILK engaged two influencers to spend a day at an organic farm where Olympic sources milk.

MILK hired a videographer and worked on the script, resulting in rich video shared widely on social media; we maximized the reach of the influencers’ content through an amplification campaign — strategically boosting posts using paid digital advertising.

2,535,215 impressions achieved through

91% higher than the goal of 1,327,338.

Finally, in a CSR campaign conceptualized by MILK, Olympic donated yogurt to food banks during the busy holiday season, earning widespread media coverage.

More than 2 million video

Over a six week period.

2X the engagement rate of a typical campaign

(1.47% vs. 0.67% average)

With over 2 million video plays on social media and more than 35 million impressions from media outreach, the campaign far exceeded original KPIs and led to an uptick in yogurt sales across BC and Ontario.

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